Gwalior Health News: CMHO inspected thattipur dispensary, including two doctors were found absent, 11 employees were missing from the meeting in Bhitarwar

Publish Date: | Sat, 30 Oct 2021 02:25 PM (IST) Gwalior Health News: Gwalior, Naidunia Rep. CMHO Dr. Manish Sharma, who arrived at Thatipur dispensary to inspect, found four employees including two doctors absent. Here 11 were absent in the meeting of health workers of Bhitarwar block. Expressing displeasure, CMHO Dr Manish Sharma has asked … Read more

Govardhan Puja 2021 Easy Recipe Make Annakut Vegetable For Bhog – Govardhan Puja 2021

Govardhan Puja 2021 Annakoot Sabzi Recipe – Photo : Istock On the occasion of Diwali, not only the house but even the market and vegetable market get illuminated. Govardhan Puja takes place on the second day of Diwali. In this puja, women worship the cow. At the same time, special bhog is offered to Lord … Read more

Coronavirus India Updates In Hindi: Coronavirus India Report Covid-19 Updates Cases Of 30 October 2021 Saturday – Coronavirus India Updates : कोरोना के 14,313 नए केस सामने आए, 24 घंटे में 549 कोविड मरीजों की मौत

देश में एक्टिव केस यानी कोरोना के सक्रिय मरीजों की तादाद 1,61,55 रह गई है. (फाइल फोटो) देश में पिछले 24 घंटे में कोरोना के 14,313 नए मरीज मिले हैं. जबकि इस दौरान 13,543 मरीज महामारी से स्वस्थ हुए हैं. देश में कोरोना से कुल स्वस्थ मरीजों की संख्या 3.36 करोड़ से ज्यादा हो गई … Read more

Nutrela Natural Vitamin C + Zinc Health Benefits, Boost Your Immunity And Fill Your Daily Needs Of Vitamin-Minerals

Nutrela Natural Vitamin C + Zinc: In the Corona era, we need to make our immunity the most strong. Doctors are advising to take healthy food, a diet rich in vitamins and minerals to increase immunity. In such a situation, it is very difficult to meet the deficiency of all the essential nutrients in the … Read more

Changing lifestyle and crime trend of dacoits in Chambal… Now instead of dacoity, people are being kidnapped by trapping them in honey trap | Changing the lifestyle and crime trend of dacoits in Chambal, now instead of dacoity, kidnapping people by trapping them in honey trap

Dholpur4 hours agoAuthor: Pramod Kalyan copy link Police combing the ravines to catch the dacoits. -(file photo) Horse tops, roaring guns and Alaniya robbery! Once the rebels were identified in the ravines of Chambal, but now their lifestyle and crime trends are changing. Instead of dacoity, it is now easier to call and kidnap people … Read more

14,313 New Corona Cases Reported, 549 Covid Patients Died In Last 24 Hours

There is a steady increase in the speed of Covid Vaccination In the last 24 hours, 14,313 new corona patients have been found in the country. While 13,543 patients have recovered from the epidemic during this period. The total number of healthy patients from corona in the country has exceeded 3.36 crore. While the recovery … Read more

Health care in Winters This 20 30 40 formula is beneficial for health in winters nav

Health care in Winter : In today’s lifestyle, due to irregular diet and lack of exercise, laziness and obesity comes in the body. Obesity itself is the home of many diseases. Due to this, diabetes, high BP and heart-related diseases go home. Such people need to be more careful in cold weather. Because the pressure … Read more

Puneeth Rajkumar Death Heart Attack Symptoms In Hindi Never Ignore These Symptoms

Puneet Rajkumar dies of heart attack – Photo : Pixabay Medically Reviewed by Dr. Sandeep Khasa Dr. Sandeep Khasa cardiologist, Ujala Cygnus Maharaja Agrasen Hospital (Panipat) Degree – MBBS The death of film actors due to heart attack continues. Last month, Bigg Boss 13 winner and actor Siddharth Shukla died of a heart attack and … Read more

District On 11th Place In Health Dash Board

hear the news hear the news District got 11th place in the state in health dashboard21st place in August, a jump of ten places DM expressed satisfaction on the progress, said- the target will be to come in the top five in the coming monthSamvad News AgencyDeoria. The district has got a big achievement in … Read more