Health Care Tips, Use Asafoetida In This Way And Benefits Of Asafoetida

Benefits Of Asafoetida: There are many spices present inside the Indian kitchen, which are also used as medicine. At the same time, one of these spices is asafoetida. Although you might have used asafoetida only to enhance the taste of food, but did you know that asafoetida has anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, asafoetida can … Read more

Latest Hindi News: States, UTs should focus on second dose of anti-covid 19 vaccines

New Delhi, Oct 19 (PTI) One billion doses of anti-Covid-19 vaccines will soon be given in the country and now the Center has asked states and union territories to focus on second dose to make immunization more efficient. . So far, more than 99 crore doses of anti-COVID-19 vaccines have been administered under the nationwide … Read more

Health Tips: Include These 5 Foods In The Diet To Stay Healthy And Healthy. Health Tips : Add these 5 foods in your diet to stay healthy

healthy diet In the last one and a half years, our lifestyle has changed a lot due to work-from-home. In which screen time and longer working time has increased. It has also changed the eating habits of everyone. During this time, many health problems are also being faced due to eating unhealthy foods. Nutritious food … Read more

People of this blood group are most prone to heart disease you should also be aware

Jamshedpur : Be careful if your blood group is A, B or AB positive. People with these blood groups are more likely to have heart disease. According to experts, the risk of heart-related diseases is high in A, B and AB blood groups. The actual reason behind this is not known, but some people consider … Read more

Ludhiana Covid Cases Update, Three New Cases of coronavirus Reported in Ludhiana City

Jagran Correspondent, Ludhiana. Ludhiana Covid Cases Update: On Monday, 3 new cases of corona have been reported in the district, out of which one was related to Ludhiana district and two cases were from other districts. With this, the number of corona cases in the district has reached 87574, out of which 2104 people have … Read more

Dengue Sting Will Be Investigated: Insect Scientists Of Health Department Caught 55 Mosquitoes From Village Kalsana, Biological Test Will Be Done

hear the news hear the news After the uncontrollable dengue sting in the district, now the health department will conduct a biological test of mosquitoes. On Monday, a special team of insect scientists from the regional office of the Health Department, Yamunanagar, reached the village Kalsana to find out the cause of the deadly dengue … Read more

Check the wrinkles on the face with papaya .. let’s know the details ..

Modern Era. Technology has grown. A situation in which steel is not able to give time to health in a hectic life. Eating food at the right time can lead to many health problems. This problem is more especially in those living in metro cities. In this busy life the body wastes time without paying … Read more

Kovid-19: Antibodies found in 76.3 percent people in Haryana

Chandigarh, Oct 18 (PTI) Antibodies against Kovid-19 infection have been found in 76.3 percent people in Haryana in the third round of sero-survey. State Health Minister Anil Vij gave this information on Monday. He also released a report of the third survey conducted in September, which found the infection rate in sero survey to be … Read more