30 lakh package to computer science student of NIT Patna campus selection will run till February

Patna, Jagran Correspondent. The Campus Selection in NIT process has been accelerated in the National Institute of Technology (NIT). In the year 2021, 550 students showed eagerness for campus selection. Of these, more than 200 have been selected. So far 34 companies have reached for this. A dozen more companies will arrive by February 2022. This year the maximum package of Rs 30 lakh has been given. This package is given to a student of Computer Science. This package has been offered by Inkute Company. Samrat Mukherjee, professor in-charge of campus selection of NIT, said that companies are constantly coming for selection.

Many companies will come till Durga Puja

The process of companies coming till Durga Puja will be fast. This year Paytm and analytics company Dololite have selected more than 40-40 students. In this, Paytm has given packages of up to 16 lakhs to the students of Computer Science Engineering and Electronics and Communication. Soon 10-12 companies will arrive. However, till the year 2020, the maximum campus selection in NITs was from Adovii. This company has given a package of up to Rs 42 lakh to the student here. Now students are waiting for this company. It is expected that by Durga Puja, this company will reach the campus for selection.

Let us tell you that due to campus selection in Patna, students are getting a lot of convenience here. Companies are choosing to give good salary to meritorious students. With this, they will not have to spend time in job search after passing out. Also must have acquired enough experience and qualifications for other large companies.

Campus in B.Tech

  • -Computer Science: 156
  • -Electronics Communication : 112
  • Mechanical : 87
  • -Electronic : 78
  • -Civil: 74


  • Mechanical : 46
  • -Civil: 44
  • -Computer Science: 37
  • -Electronic : 35
  • -Electronics Communication : 26

Edited By: Vyas Chandra

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