Diwali bonus for investments and savings know smart ways to use – Business News India

The festival of Diwali is about to come. On the occasion of this festival, companies also give bonus to their employees. Usually people spend the money received in bonus in shopping or non-essential work. However, it would be better to save this amount for future and spend it according to your salary. There are many such options, where if you invest this amount, then money will not be a problem in the future. Today we will tell you about some such options.

FD option: You can deposit this amount in the bank as an FD. This will keep your money safe as well as keep getting interest from the bank. However, the interest rate on FDs has come down in the last few years. Despite this, there is a much better option than spending on shopping. This deposit can be withdrawn in case of emergency.

Mutual Fund Options: You can use the bonus to invest in mutual funds. It has become a great investment option in the present era. Many mutual funds give returns of 12 to 15 per cent per annum.

Term insurance options: Bonus money can be used as term insurance. Term insurance is one such option which will become a safety net for the family in your absence.

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Pay off debt: If you have taken a loan from someone or the EMI of any bank is going, then reduce the burden of that loan with the bonus amount. If the debt burden is less then it will be right for the future.

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