illegal firecrackers business in Delhi recovered more than 470 kg | More than 470 forts of illegal firecrackers recovered in Delhi, police gave information about this

New Delhi: Diwali has caught up with the business of Delhi firecrackers a long time ago. In fact, recently more than 470 kg of illegal firecrackers have been recovered from a warehouse in Sadar Bazar area of ​​North Delhi. After this, now the police has arrested the owner of the warehouse. The police themselves have given this information.

warehouse owner who sells goods on festivals

Police say that 21-year-old accused Mohammad Rihan is a resident of Uttar Pradesh and he works to sell things during the festival. A total of 472.4 kg of illegal firecrackers have been recovered from the godown here, the police said. Apart from this, the police has also told that this godown was taken on rent for Rs 12 thousand.

Illegal firecrackers were bought from Meerut

Police said that the accused had purchased illegal firecrackers from Meerut in Uttar Pradesh and intended to sell them at exorbitant prices on Diwali. According to media reports, firecrackers are being consumed all over NCR from the illegal firecracker factory operating on Meerut Road. It is reported that this factory was being operated for 3 months before Diwali.

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