mobile battery exploded with loud bang: Mobile Battery Blast : Children playing with mobile battery, exploded with loud bang, three injured in datia madhya pradesh


  • Blast in mobile battery during game in Datia district of MP
  • Three children injured due to battery explosion, all admitted to district hospital
  • Relatives told that blast with loud sound
  • Hearing the voice, the relatives ran, the children were screaming

Playing with mobile battery in MP’s Datia has cost three children. The battery exploded during the game, injuring three children. The injured children have been admitted to the district hospital for treatment. All three children belong to the same family. All the children are out of danger.

Actually, three children of Dharmendra Srivastava’s house living in Talaiya locality were playing with mobile battery on Wednesday evening. Suddenly the battery of the mobile exploded with a loud bang while playing. 11-year-old Sumit, 7-year-old Gaurav and 6-year-old Raman were seriously injured due to battery explosion. When the members of the house ran towards the children on hearing the sound of the blast, they started screaming and shouting on seeing the injured children.

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After this, the injured children were immediately taken to the district hospital with the help of ambulance, where the children are being treated. The fragments of the battery also entered the bodies of the children, which were taken out by the doctors during treatment. At present, all the three children are safe but the wounds on their bodies are intact, whose treatment is going on. It is worth mentioning that in the past also people have been injured due to explosion of mobile battery in MP. Many times people have lost their lives.

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