On going to school, he stopped bathing in the river, students of 12th science were in the same school | 12th Science students had descended to take a bath in the river while going to school, got stuck in deep water

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On Thursday, 3 friends died due to drowning in Moran river in the Obari police station area of ​​Dungarpur. With his death, 12 years of friendship also came to an end. All three were 12th science students in the same school. On hearing the news of the death, the family members were devastated. There was shouting everywhere.

All three studied in the same school
Obari SHO Anil Deval said that among the dead are Utsav (18) son Mohanlal Joshi, Krish (17) son Rajesh Kalal, resident of village Gamda Brahmania, and Rahil (17) son Yashwant Suthar, resident of Rehabilitation Colony. Along with all three, a boy from the village Daksha (17) son Jitendra Joshi was also with him. He called the people around and informed the police. The three friends studied in Sagwada Rehabilitation Colony School.

File photo of the three friends.

File photo of the three friends.

sound to save
The police officer said that the deceased were students of class 12th science. Four friends had left home to go to school in the morning. Along with all three, Daksh, who was studying in 11th standard, was also with him. Moran river falls on the way to the school. All four stopped at the river. After this Utsav, Krish and Rahil descended into the river. Daksha stood outside the river.

The three friends went into deep water while taking a bath and started shouting to save. Daksha called the people around. Some youths of the village went to the river and took the three out. By then all three had died. The police reached the spot and took the dead bodies to the hospital. On the other hand, Daksh went to the village and informed about the accident.

Carrying the dead body

Carrying the dead body

upset parents
Seeing the dead body of the sons, the parents were in a bad condition. Weepingly told that Utsav, Rahil and Krish were all close friends. always lived together. In the morning, all three had left for school laughing with tiffin from home. There was mourning after the death of three boys of the village together.

Utsav – Rahil’s father in Kuwait
Utsav Joshi’s father Mohanlal Joshi and Rahil’s father Yashwant Suthar work in Kuwait. Krish’s father Rajesh Kalal is a shopkeeper in the village itself.

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