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Science News Today 19th October 2021: Biodiversity is ending very fast in the country and the world. We can remember many such creatures around us which were in abundance till recent years but they are no longer visible. The sparrow bird is included in these creatures. These birds used to chirp in the courtyard of our house till a few decades ago, but now they are not seen as barbarians. The situation is similar for crows too. Now they also seem to be very few or even non-existent. Actually, this is happening not only here but all over the world. According to a report, 9 million species of organisms on earth and 1 million of these species are in danger of becoming extinct in this century.

Concerns have been raised at the 15th United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (COP15) held this month. The ‘Kunming Declaration on Biodiversity’ passed in this conference has been started like this – ‘Bringing biodiversity on the path of improvement is a big challenge of this decade’. But the question is arising that if the creatures keep getting extinct from the earth like this, then will this earth be worthy of humans.

what is happening to save the living beings
The purpose of this online conference was to build consensus among governments around the world regarding new goals related to nature. These goals will replace the failed Aichi goals. After this online event, there will now be a meeting in Geneva in January 2022 and these talks will formally end in Kunming, China in April 2022, in which the world will agree on a post-2020 global biodiversity model with the goals of the coming decade.

Most of the world’s countries (196 countries, not including the US) have funded the Convention on Biodiversity. These are agreements designed to protect the diversity of life on Earth. Scientists say that biodiversity is decreasing in a serious way. In this regard, in a report in 2019, it was said that out of about 9 million species on earth, one million species will go extinct in this century.

Biodiversity crisis linked to climate crisis and air pollution
Global crises are often discussed separately. The world is facing biodiversity crisis, climate crisis and air pollution crisis, but in reality all these issues are intertwined. Seeing them in isolation overlooks the impact they have on the species and ultimately on humanity.

The world missed the target of curbing the rate of biodiversity loss by 2010 and then set 20 targets for 2020. Even though some progress has been made in this direction, most of the 20 targets have not been met. This is because countries have failed to deal with the drivers of biodiversity loss. These systemic challenges demand changes in economies, regulatory systems and the way some people live.

financial aid
Chinese President Xi Jinping announced a new Kunming Biodiversity Fund of 1.5 billion yuan ($233.3 million) for projects related to protecting biodiversity in developing countries, and Japan increased its biodiversity fund to 1.8 billion yen (US). One crore 70 million dollars). Apart from this, many resolutions were also taken during this time, such as the European Commission has planned to double the financial support for biodiversity.

What will happen next?
Protecting biodiversity will mainly be discussed in the COP26 climate talks to be held in Glasgow. It is important that climate change and biodiversity loss are considered to be related problems, so climate change measures can harm biodiversity. Managing forests for the sole purpose of growing organic crops or reducing carbon emissions can mean changing biodiversity habitats. Conversely, nature-based solutions such as protecting coastal habitats to reduce flooding can be helpful in the restoration of biodiversity.

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