Scientist Creates Robot Dog Weapon Attached High-Tech Sniper Rifle To Robot Dog : ‘Robot Dog’ equipped with sniper will become the era of enemies, people said – there is no need for it!

Last year, a video of a robot dog became increasingly viral on social media. Many people liked it and expressed their desire to know about it. People were surprised to see Boston Dynamics’ robot dog SPOT roaming public places. Now an update came about it, according to which soon this robot can be seen armed with dog weapons.

SPOT was seen in many places last year. It has also been seen in a park in Singapore as a ‘guard dog’ who was making people follow social distancing during the Corona period. This time this robot dog has come out with a new creation or new ‘weapon’ from SWORD International and Ghost Robotics. This is extremely exciting for social media users interested in technology and science.

a deadly weapon with a rifle
Robot Dog doesn’t look dangerous at all in its yellow cover. But SWORD International’s Special Purpose Unmanned Rifle (SPUR) becomes a lethal weapon once mounted on Quadrupedal Unmanned Ground Vehicles (QUGVs). This hi-tech weapon was recently unveiled during an expo. This rifle is seen above the Ghost Robotics QUGV.

people expressed concern
Many people on social media were impressed by this hi-tech weapon while some expressed concern over its use. Many people raised questions about the gun mounted on the robot. Some users said that the world needs modern machines, not weapons. One user wrote, ‘The world needs tractors, pollution controllers, machines related to agriculture. Not movable guns. Another user wrote, ‘This is sad. For what world could this be a good idea? I am sure the police will want to use it as soon as possible.