Shani Sade Sati On Sagittarius Capricorn And Aquarius Do These Measures On The Second Saturday Of Kartik Month To Avoid Shani Dosha

Ashlesha Nakshatra and Shukla Yoga are also being formed on the second Saturday falling in Kartik month. Worshiping Shani Dev on this day is considered auspicious.

Shani Prakop Upay: 30 October 2021 i.e. today is the ninth date of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month. On this day Moon is transiting in Cancer. According to astrology, on this day a special yoga is being formed to please Shani Dev. The planets are pacified by worshiping Shani Dev on this day. Let us inform that on October 30, Ashlesha Nakshatra and Shukla Yoga are also being formed.

Let us tell that at present the Mahadasha of Saturn is going on in five zodiac signs. While Saturn’s Sade Sati is going on for the people of Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius, while the people of Gemini and Libra zodiac are going on Dhaiya. According to astrology, any person who has a crooked eye on Shani, the god of justice, his everything gets ruined, but if Shani Dev is pleased, then the person becomes a king even with a rank. Due to the bad effect of Saturn, a person starts facing problems in business, from job to married life. But if Saturn is in a strong position, then it opens the way for success in front of people.

Saturdays falling in Kartik month Mahadasha of Saturn It is considered very important to get rid of. By taking some special measures on the second Saturday of the month, people who are suffering from Mahadasha can get relief.

What to do on Saturday: On the second Saturday of Kartik month, go to Shani temple in the evening and offer mustard oil. Also chant Shani Chalisa and Shani Dev’s mantras. You end this worship by doing aarti. Later donate to the poor and needy. By doing this, Shani Dev is pleased and the difficulties of your life start reducing.

What not to do: people on whom saturn The Mahadasha is going on, they should stay away from ego. Don’t get angry at all. Those who are hardworking should be respected. Don’t cheat anyone. Avoid greed and evil deeds. Avoid intoxicants and do not fall into wrong company

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