singh-yadav-wrestler-was-popularly-known-for-his-wrestling-skills-before-coming-to-politics-also-impressed-his-guru-from-dangal – Mulayam Singh entered politics through wrestling Yadav impressed his political mentor in wrestling competition

Mulayam Singh Yadav was a famous wrestler before a politician. He also impressed his political mentor by defeating big wrestlers one by one. His path to politics was prepared from the wrestling competition itself.

Mulayam Singh Yadav, the former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and former Defense Minister of the country, would be known by most of the people only as a politician. But let us tell you that he has also been a good wrestler before a politician. His name was known as the famous wrestler of the country. He made his way into politics from wrestling itself.

Yes, Mulayam had entered politics through wrestling. Actually this is the matter of 1962 when the campaign for the assembly elections was going on in a village of Jaswant Nagar area. During this a huge wrestling competition was organized. In which Mulayam also took part.

Wrestling riots paved the way for politics

Nathu Singh, who is contesting on the ticket of Samyukta Socialist Party (SANSOPA), arrived here to see a wrestling competition organized in this village of Jaswant Nagar. In this competition, Mulayam Singh defeated many wrestlers one after the other. Seeing this skill of his, Nathu Singh was impressed and from that day he placed his hand on Mulayam’s head. From here the relationship of Guru and Shishya started between Mulayam and Nathu Singh.

Slowly the time progressed and the time came for the 1967 elections. This time too there was talk of making Nathu Singh the candidate from Jaswant Nagar. But Nathu Singh surprised everyone when he put forward Mulayam’s name as a candidate from here.

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28-year-old Mulayam Singh Yadav was a novice in politics at that time. But his guru Nathu Singh had full faith in Mulayam. The way Mulayam left an impression on his heart with his wrestling five years ago. Her picture had settled in the heart and mind of Nathu Singh. Nathu Singh was adamant on giving ticket to Mulayam Singh. Eventually Sansopa agreed to give ticket to Mulayam.

When Mulayam surprised everyone including Congress

No one knew that this diamond of wrestling would shine in politics as well. In 1967, the Congress wind was in full swing in the state. In such a situation, when Mulayam got the ticket from Jaswant Nagar, Congress candidate Lakhan Singh Yadav used to ridicule him considering him as a child. But they do not know that wrestlers were highly appreciated at that time.

Mulayam Singh Yadav was a famous wrestler of that area and then became a teacher. After this, he greatly influenced the backward castes with his speech during the election. He carried forward the ideas of Ram Manohar Lohia.

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Ram Manohar Lohia was alive at that time. Soon the crowd started choking at his meetings. When the elections were finally over, Mulayam had become an MLA by defeating Lakhan Singh Yadav by a huge margin. In this way, through a wrestling competition, Mulayam Singh Yadav had paved the way for the state assembly.

After that he became a big leader from MLA. He formed his own party which is today known as Samajwadi Party. He became the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh thrice. At the same time, he also left a mark in the politics of the Center and in 1996, H.D. He was also the Defense Minister in the government led by Deve Gowda.

Former Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav was awarded the ‘International Jury Prize’ in London on 28 May 2012. In a release issued by the International Council of Jurists, Sir Gavin Lightman, retired Judge of the High Court of London, said that Mr. Yadav’s selection for this award is a free will to contribute to the progress of the Bar and the Bench.

He had said that the cooperation of Mr. Yadav in creating brotherhood among the people associated with law and justice is wonderful in the world. He has also made important contributions to many law universities.

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