Shani Sade Sati On Sagittarius Capricorn And Aquarius Do These Measures On The Second Saturday Of Kartik Month To Avoid Shani Dosha

Ashlesha Nakshatra and Shukla Yoga are also being formed on the second Saturday falling in Kartik month. Worshiping Shani Dev on this day is considered auspicious. Shani Prakop Upay: 30 October 2021 i.e. today is the ninth date of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month. On this day Moon is transiting in Cancer. According to astrology, … Read more

Health news food allergies somewhere food should not be prepared due to allergy know from expert how to avoid it nav

Food Allergies: In the festive season, the process of feeding food also goes on between the times of mixing, sometimes we eat for taste, sometimes for health. In the midst of the food-feeding phase, there are some people who have to eat everything thoughtfully. Because they have food allergies. According to the news report published … Read more

WhatsApp Twitter Facebook Instagram Social media platforms hit by online frauds Know How to save yourself avoid online fraud

New Delhi, Tech Desk| If you are using WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms then you are in danger. Social media is one of the most popular and entertainment means of communicating with friends, family and workers, but nowadays most of the frauds and frauds happen on these platforms. There is usually … Read more

Education – Avoid sugar, oil and salt to stay healthy

{“_id”:”616b1ddb760ad13d7b120c12″,”slug”:”education-pilibhit-news-bly46310914″,”type”:”story”,”status”:”publish”,”title_hn”:”Sugar to be healthy, Avoid oil and salt”,”category”:{“title”:”City & states”,”title_hn”:”city and state”,”slug”:”city-and-states”}} Children were rewarded in the program organized on World Food Day. – Photo : PILIBHIT hear the news hear the news Pilibhit. An awareness program was organized in Dorilal Bhimsen Upper Primary School on the occasion of World Food Day on Saturday under … Read more

Avoid Foods in morning know important health tips | Do not eat these 5 things in the morning even after forgetting, you will regret the whole day, the condition will be very bad

Health news: Food has a complete effect on health. That’s why health experts absolutely refuse to eat some things in the morning. Because, by doing this your condition can remain bad for the whole day, after which you may have to repent. Because, in the morning, our stomach remains empty, in such a situation, whatever … Read more

Coaching Institute Meerut coaching institutes are misleading by showing stars on the internet avoid getting caught in the trap

Meerut, Jagran Correspondent. Coaching Institute Now students preparing for competitive examinations are also getting trapped in the internet. In which many coaching institutes are attracting students and their parents towards them by showing five stars. The contestants are also misleading the students by writing their own feedback on the internet medium. Due to which many … Read more

World Arthritis Day 2021: Eat These Things To Avoid Arthritis

World Arthritis Day: In the problem of arthritis, there is severe pain in the joints, difficulty in walking and sitting. special things Gout is also known as Arthritis, Baat. Fish is considered very good for bones. Turmeric is known to be rich in antibiotic properties. World Arthritis Day 2021: World Arthritis Day is celebrated across … Read more

Cyber ​​Fraud: Cyber ​​crime increased four times after lockdown, know how to avoid ATM, UPI and Internet Media Fraud and Honey Trap

Lucknow, Saurabh Shukla. Not only the country but the whole world was facing an economic crisis during the lockdown due to the Corona epidemic and its public safety. People lost their jobs on a large scale. While people have become poor in getting treatment, cyber criminals are also leaving no stone unturned to cause financial … Read more