Diwali bonus for investments and savings know smart ways to use – Business News India

The festival of Diwali is about to come. On the occasion of this festival, companies also give bonus to their employees. Usually people spend the money received in bonus in shopping or non-essential work. However, it would be better to save this amount for future and spend it according to your salary. There are many … Read more

Started my business after 12 years of marriage, now my identity is not only a housewife but a businesswoman | Started my business after 12 years of marriage, now my identity is not only a housewife but a businesswoman

Hindi News Women This is me Started My Business After 12 Years Of Marriage, Now My Identity Is Not Only A Housewife But A Businesswoman 34 minutes agoAuthor: Meena ‘With a sardine on my head, a bun, and a hustle and bustle on my face to get things done quickly, my mornings would be spent … Read more

Earn money start online fuel business with Rs 12 lakh investment earn crore rupees per month business opportunity achs

New Delhi. In the midst of the Corona crisis, the job has been lost and you also want to start your own business (How can I start my own business?), then we are telling you about big profitable business (Business Idea). In this business, you can earn a lot of profit every month. With the … Read more

Markets Boom In Navratri, Business Crosses Rs 20 Crore

Enthusiasm about Diwali among traders, hopes for better market Markets boom in Navratri, business crosses Rs 20 crore Anuppur. After the Corona transition, during the Teeja and Ganesh festival, Dussehra has now filled the color of enthusiasm in the changed mood of the markets. In which the business establishments, which had been deserted for more … Read more

Share Market Close Record on record being made in the stock market Sensex returned from very close to 62000 Nifty closed at 18477 today – Business News India

Share Market Close: The stock market opened at a record high today and closed at a record level, creating a new history. BSE’s 30-stock Sensex at one time reached an all-time high of 61,963.07, then today returned to touch the lowest level of 1,624.65 and closed at a record 61,765.59 with a gain of 459 … Read more

Buy Chocolates Online From Homemade Side Business Run By Mother

During the Corona period, we all crave to eat the things of our choice. While many people were waiting to enjoy pani-puri on the side of the road, the children were craving chocolate donuts or other favorite things. In such a situation, most of the mothers used to try to make things like chocolates, cakes … Read more

Famous business person of patna ranjit singh khanuja commits suicide in his flat bramk

Patna. Ranjit Singh Khanuja, one of the big businessmen of Patna and owner of several establishments, has died under suspicious circumstances. His body was found hanging from the noose, after which there was a sensation in the capital. The dead body of this big businessman was found in flat number 102 of Sai Carnation Apartment … Read more

S Jaishankar Urges Israeli Businessmen To Do Business In India – Israel Visit: External Affairs Minister Jaishankar meets businessmen, encourages them to do business in India

Summary Jaishankar said that you really have a very energetic economy today, the message I am sending to the Israeli government counterparts is that we consider you among our most trusted and innovative partners in many ways. Jaishankar met Israeli businessmen – photo : ani hear the news hear the news External Affairs Minister S … Read more

things to remember before starting business: 4 fears that act like an hindrance in starting a business

4 Fear In Business: There will hardly be anyone who has never thought of doing business in his life. And why not think about business, it has the power to make a person a billionaire in just a few years. There are many people who think, but only a few people can get into business. … Read more

big boss | engineer, doctor, designer to business degree, know the educational qualification of ‘Bigg Boss 15’ contestants | From engineer, doctor, designer to business degree, know the educational qualification of ‘Bigg Boss 15’ contestants

Hindi News Entertainment Tv Big Boss | Engineer, Doctor, Designer To Business Degree, Know The Educational Qualification Of ‘Bigg Boss 15’ Contestants 2 hours agoAuthor: Kiran Jain copy link For the past few days, the 15th season of the reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ is in a lot of discussion. On the day of Salman Khan … Read more