30 lakh package to computer science student of NIT Patna campus selection will run till February

Patna, Jagran Correspondent. The Campus Selection in NIT process has been accelerated in the National Institute of Technology (NIT). In the year 2021, 550 students showed eagerness for campus selection. Of these, more than 200 have been selected. So far 34 companies have reached for this. A dozen more companies will arrive by February 2022. … Read more

You know about digital ransom, this virus is engulfing your mobile phone after computer. Ransomware attack on computer data what mobile ransomware is and how to protect from it

cyber crime. (symbolic picture) Ransomware Attack: Digital Fraud, Digital Attack or Digital Ransom has emerged as a big problem for the whole world. You may not have been a victim of it, but that does not mean that others should be spared from it. Digital fraud is such a big cyber crime in today’s era … Read more

Tips And Tricks How To Remove Virus From Computer Without Antivirus

Symbolic Image – Photo : iStock If you must have used a computer or laptop, then you will be well aware of the virus. Nowadays the cases of cyber attacks have increased a lot in the world. Actually, hackers or cybercriminals manage to put viruses in your computer or laptop by some means or the … Read more

Tip Of The Day How To Increase Computer And Laptop Speed

Symbolic Image – Photo : iStock In today’s time, there will be very few people who do not use computer or laptop. In offices, people must be working on computers, apart from this, many people have also bought computers for personal use. Although there is no particular confidence of any electronic device that how long … Read more

If you have these things in your laptop or computer then immediately

Tech News Desk-Nowadays the world has become digital. Now almost every kind of work is being done through computers, laptops and smartphones, that is, now people’s work has become much easier. Whether it is to open a bank account, send money to someone or ask for money from anywhere, buy a SIM card, people are … Read more

In the Computer Science Department of Lucknow University, there was a ruckus on the allegation of disturbances in PhD admission, the Vice Chancellor sat a 3-member inquiry committee. Allegations of disturbances in PhD admission in Computer Science Department of Lucknow University

Hindi News Local Uttar pradesh Lucknow In The Computer Science Department Of Lucknow University, There Was A Ruckus On The Allegation Of Disturbances In PhD Admission, The Vice Chancellor Sat A 3 member Inquiry Committee Lucknow4 hours ago copy link LU’s PhD admission process has again come under controversy. There has been a tussle between … Read more

Watch computer, TV, laptop and mobile less, otherwise the eyes will become breathless

New Delhi, (Team Digital):Complaints of blurred vision or headache are increasing in patients who have been cured of digital and corona virus. Every day people suffer from eye problems and diseases. World Sight Day is celebrated every year on the second Thursday of the month of October to raise awareness on this matter. So that … Read more

What Is Hindi Of Technology Biotechnology Anf Computer Science Know Hindi Of These English Words

Technology, Biotechnology, Computer Science Hindi: The present time is called the era of technology. With the help of technology, revolutionary changes have taken place in every field, which have made people’s life comfortable to a great extent. Apart from this, Biotechnology and Computer Science are some such words, which you must have used a lot. … Read more