Mahindra XUV700 Creates Record to Drive 17,000 Kms In 24 Hrs

New Delhi, Auto Desk. Mahindra XUV700 New Record: The country’s leading automaker Mahindra is in discussion about its Xuv700 these days. This car is constantly breaking all kinds of records. Recently, the company had to stop booking the mid-size SUV for a few minutes after the bookings for the Xuv700 crossed 50,000. After which Mahindra … Read more

Scientist Creates Robot Dog Weapon Attached High-Tech Sniper Rifle To Robot Dog : ‘Robot Dog’ equipped with sniper will become the era of enemies, people said – there is no need for it!

WashingtonLast year, a video of a robot dog became increasingly viral on social media. Many people liked it and expressed their desire to know about it. People were surprised to see Boston Dynamics’ robot dog SPOT roaming public places. Now an update came about it, according to which soon this robot can be seen armed … Read more