Ravan Dahan Indore The miscreants cleaned their hands on the mobile in the noise of firecrackers

Indore, Naidunia Representative, Ravan Dahan Indore. The miscreants took great advantage of the noise of firecrackers during Ravana Dahan. The miscreants fled with mobiles and wallets of many people who came to see Ravana Dahan. When the complainant reached the police station, it was found that the mobiles of about 10 people have been stolen. … Read more

illegal firecrackers business in Delhi recovered more than 470 kg | More than 470 forts of illegal firecrackers recovered in Delhi, police gave information about this

New Delhi: Diwali has caught up with the business of Delhi firecrackers a long time ago. In fact, recently more than 470 kg of illegal firecrackers have been recovered from a warehouse in Sadar Bazar area of ​​North Delhi. After this, now the police has arrested the owner of the warehouse. The police themselves have … Read more