Health Care Tips, Use Asafoetida In This Way And Benefits Of Asafoetida

Benefits Of Asafoetida: There are many spices present inside the Indian kitchen, which are also used as medicine. At the same time, one of these spices is asafoetida. Although you might have used asafoetida only to enhance the taste of food, but did you know that asafoetida has anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, asafoetida can … Read more

Health Tips: Include These 5 Foods In The Diet To Stay Healthy And Healthy. Health Tips : Add these 5 foods in your diet to stay healthy

healthy diet In the last one and a half years, our lifestyle has changed a lot due to work-from-home. In which screen time and longer working time has increased. It has also changed the eating habits of everyone. During this time, many health problems are also being faced due to eating unhealthy foods. Nutritious food … Read more

Dengue Sting Will Be Investigated: Insect Scientists Of Health Department Caught 55 Mosquitoes From Village Kalsana, Biological Test Will Be Done

hear the news hear the news After the uncontrollable dengue sting in the district, now the health department will conduct a biological test of mosquitoes. On Monday, a special team of insect scientists from the regional office of the Health Department, Yamunanagar, reached the village Kalsana to find out the cause of the deadly dengue … Read more

Health issues: – Are you also becoming a victim of hearing loss due to increasing noise pollution – News18

Somewhere your ears do not workThe way the number of vehicles is increasing rapidly at the intersections on the roads and in the cities and at the same time the noise pollution at the intersections is increasing very fast. Which brings with it all the diseases. First of all these loud horns will spoil your … Read more

Health Benefits Of Eating Apple Seb Khaane Ke Swastha Laabh – Apple is very beneficial for your health, know its health benefits

Health Benefits of Apple: Apples contain antioxidants, vitamins, dietary fiber and many other nutrients. Being rich in nutrients, it can help keep you away from many serious diseases. New Delhi. Consuming fruits daily is very beneficial to keep the body healthy. Consuming apples daily among all these fruits can prove to be very beneficial for … Read more

Health news thyroid imbalance can be the cause of many problems in the body do not ignore these symptoms

Know thyroid symptomsSmall things in life play a huge role, like our thyroid gland. It is a butterfly-shaped organ, which produces a certain amount of thyroid hormone. This hormone controls many bodily functions. Due to imbalance in this, many types of problems can arise in our body. Over production of these hormones leads to hyperthyroidism … Read more

Health Atm Kiyosk Will Start In Three Month – Health Atm Kiosk Will Start In Lucknow After Three Months, Will Change Design, Tender Issued

hear the news hear the news Lucknow. Health ATM-kiosk facility will start in the city after three months. The model of the health ATM kiosk which was made now, will be modified and enlarged so that a bed can also be inserted in it. According to the changed design, Smart City Company has also issued … Read more

Uproar At Kuravali’s Community Health Center

hear the news hear the news Quravali. A attendant, who arrived at the Community Health Center on Saturday for treatment of his wife, accused the health workers of assault. At the same time, a complaint has been given on behalf of the ward boy, accusing him of beating. The police is investigating the matter. A … Read more

Health – IGMC’s super specialty block to start in January

hear the news hear the news Shimla. IGMC’s super specialty block is set to start in January. The hospital management has issued orders for the purchase of other machines including ICU and ventilator beds. These machines will be purchased for about fifteen crore rupees. Some of these machines are arriving. While the rest of the … Read more