Gwalior Health News: CMHO inspected thattipur dispensary, including two doctors were found absent, 11 employees were missing from the meeting in Bhitarwar

Publish Date: | Sat, 30 Oct 2021 02:25 PM (IST) Gwalior Health News: Gwalior, Naidunia Rep. CMHO Dr. Manish Sharma, who arrived at Thatipur dispensary to inspect, found four employees including two doctors absent. Here 11 were absent in the meeting of health workers of Bhitarwar block. Expressing displeasure, CMHO Dr Manish Sharma has asked … Read more

Nutrela Natural Vitamin C + Zinc Health Benefits, Boost Your Immunity And Fill Your Daily Needs Of Vitamin-Minerals

Nutrela Natural Vitamin C + Zinc: In the Corona era, we need to make our immunity the most strong. Doctors are advising to take healthy food, a diet rich in vitamins and minerals to increase immunity. In such a situation, it is very difficult to meet the deficiency of all the essential nutrients in the … Read more

Health care in Winters This 20 30 40 formula is beneficial for health in winters nav

Health care in Winter : In today’s lifestyle, due to irregular diet and lack of exercise, laziness and obesity comes in the body. Obesity itself is the home of many diseases. Due to this, diabetes, high BP and heart-related diseases go home. Such people need to be more careful in cold weather. Because the pressure … Read more

District On 11th Place In Health Dash Board

hear the news hear the news District got 11th place in the state in health dashboard21st place in August, a jump of ten places DM expressed satisfaction on the progress, said- the target will be to come in the top five in the coming monthSamvad News AgencyDeoria. The district has got a big achievement in … Read more

Gold Health benefits : benefits of eating gold know swarn bhasma benefits for mens health stamina edible gold and gold food samp

Benefits of eating gold: In the olden days, the king-maharaja used to eat food on a gold plate. But nowadays the craze of ‘Gold Food’ is increasing among the people. This expensive and shiny metal is nowadays being decorated in the form of work, flax and leaves on the food. Due to which both the … Read more

Health – Permission granted to run eight new diploma courses in medical colleges

hear the news hear the news Shahjahanpur. Now permission has been received from the government to run eight new diploma courses along with MBBS and PG courses in the Government Medical College. 30-30 seats are allotted for each course. They will be admitted from the new session. Students of Shahjahanpur and adjoining districts will be … Read more

Health – The district hospital gave kerosene and the malaria department got fogging done

hear the news hear the news Badaun. After getting 11 dengue patients in the district hospital premises, fogging was finally done, but kerosene was provided from the district hospital for fogging. After this, the team of Malaria Department got fogging done in the district hospital premises. There is a widespread dengue outbreak in the city. … Read more

Mental health mirror gazing can boost self kindness and self compassion pra

Mirror Gazing For Mental Health : Everyone likes to look at themselves in the mirror (Mirror Gazing). Then whether it is to look to fix the hairstyle or to fix the random dress. But let us tell you that if you are feeling stressed and lacking in confidence, then look at yourself in the mirror. … Read more

Living An Ayurvedic Lifestyle For A Mindful Approach To Good Health And Wellbeing

Ayruveda is a way of life that helps create a balance between the mind and the body, which in turn, helps to boost your physical and mental wellbeing. Written by Editorial Team | Updated : October 28, 2021 2:31 PM IST Known as the Science of Life, Ayurveda, contrary to some misconceptions, isnt a trend … Read more

Health Care Tips Cooked Food Also Harms Health And Health Care

Health Care: Often people believe that by eating raw food items, they cause diseases. However, it should be noted that even cooked food if not stored properly can also cause diseases. In such a situation, here we will tell you about raw and cooked food items that can harm your health. Cooked food can also … Read more