Entertainment Top 5 news of bollywood hollywood tollywood bhojpuri and television industry of friday ps

Know through Entertainment Top 5 what was special on Friday in the entertainment world including Bollywood, Tollywood, Hollywood and TV. Kajol arrived at the Filmfare Middle East Achievers Award Nights in such a dress that people on social media started making fun of her. with a super-plunging neckline. Some people liked this look of her … Read more

Entertainment news 29 october live updates social media tv bollywood hollywood bhojpuri kbc bigg boss ss

After 27 days, happiness appeared on the face of Bollywood’s King Khan i.e. Shah Rukh Khan. His dear son Aryan Khan was on Thursday granted bail by the Bombay High Court in a drug case filed against him by the Narcotics Control Bureau. After Aryan got bail, sister Suhana Khan has expressed this happiness with … Read more

6 dark comedies: These Hollywood comedy-filled movies not only scare but also laugh, know the full list. 6 dark comedies These Hollywood movies not only scare but laugh know the full list

dark comedy movies This is the reason why today we are going to introduce you to a list of such comedy films that expose the worst side of humanity with comedy, but still make you laugh at the absurdity of it all- I Care A Lot (2020) I Care A Lot is a 2020 comedy … Read more

hollywood actress julia roberts hot photos | Hollywood’s top actress Julia has adopted Hinduism

One of Hollywood’s top and most beautiful actresses is Julia Roberts. Julia came to India in 2010 for the shooting of a film and during this time she was so influenced by Indian culture that she adopted Hinduism and it was disclosed by Julia herself in an interview. 1 /11 In 2010, Julia Roberts came … Read more

Shaheed Afridi’s son-in-law is no less than a Hollywood star in looks, making a splash in T20 WC like this

First Published Oct 28, 2021, 11:59 AM IST sports desk : T20 World Cup 2021 is seen in full form in Pakistan. With two consecutive wins, the team has almost confirmed its place for the semi-finals. He needs to win two out of the next three matches. Although many players in Pakistan’s team are winning … Read more

Bollywood made a big mistake by copying these Hollywood movies! badly beaten at the box office

The story of many Bollywood films is similar to Hollywood and Tollywood films, while many films are completely copies of Hollywood films. Many of these films became box office hits, while some films were badly beaten at the box office despite being remakes. Nowadays remakes are being made from films to songs. The story of … Read more

Entertainment News 27 October Live Updates Social Media TV Bollywood Hollywood Bhojpuri KBC Bigg Boss Kangana Ranaut ss – Entertainment News Live Updates: Kangana Ranaut reached Kala Pani Jail, why Pooja Bhatt spoke

Kangana Ranaut reached the Kala Pani Jail (Cellular Jail) located on the Andaman Islands, where she visited the Veer Savarkar Cell in the jail. Active Kangana shared the pictures on social media and gave this information to the fans. These photos of Kangana are going viral on social media. Kangana reached the prison cell where … Read more

oscars 2020 hollywood stars: full list of winners of oscars 2020, know who got which award

Like every year, this year also the biggest awards function of Hollywood was organized at the 92nd Academy Awards. In this awards ceremony held in Los Angeles on 9 February 2020, some such nominations were successful, which perhaps no one expected. There were some such films and stars, whose expectation of getting the awards was … Read more

Hollywood actor’s film gun fired ‘real’ bullet during shooting, cinematographer dies, director injured

During the shooting of a Hollywood film, a bullet fired from the film gun of hero Alec Baldwin killed the cinematograph. The director of the film has also been injured in this incident. The police are involved in the investigation of the matter. The cinematographer was killed by a bullet fired from a film gun … Read more

Debut: From Hrithik Roshan to Alia Bhatt, these Bollywood stars are all set to rock Hollywood

Bollywood Stars – Photo : Social Media The actors of Hollywood industry are considered to be the most popular in the film world, because the films of this industry make a big hit all over the world and for this reason the artists of this industry also make their mark in the world. In this … Read more