If you have these things in your laptop or computer then immediately

Tech News Desk-Nowadays the world has become digital. Now almost every kind of work is being done through computers, laptops and smartphones, that is, now people’s work has become much easier. Whether it is to open a bank account, send money to someone or ask for money from anywhere, buy a SIM card, people are … Read more

Joker Malware Infects 11 Play Store Apps: Joker came, brought the malware! Are these dangerous apps present in your phone too, delete them immediately – 11 android apps on google play store are found malicious says report delete them right away

Highlights These apps present in Android smartphones are dangerous Downloaded 30,000 times delete them immediately New Delhi. As we all know that there are many such dangerous apps on Google Play Store in which malware is found. Such apps leak the information of Android smartphones. Please tell that all these apps are infected with Joker … Read more

Google Play Store banned these 9 apps If You Have In Your Smartphone DELETE right now check list | Do you have these 9 apps in your Smartphone? Google Play Store has banned, you also remove immediately, see full list

New Delhi. If you have these 9 apps in your smartphone then you are in danger. The Google Play store has banned them, but you might already have them on your smartphone. Delete them now. Cyber ​​security researchers have revealed that smartphone users are at risk from malicious software that can hijack their Facebook accounts. … Read more

If you also have these apps in your phone then delete it immediately, there may be a big mess; Google removed from play store

Google has recently removed some apps from the Play Store. These apps were allegedly stealing personal information including login information and payment details of users. If these apps are still installed on your phone, then delete them immediately. Google has recently removed some apps from the Play Store. These apps were allegedly stealing personal information … Read more

Google Banned 3 Apps From Play Store allegedly stealing personal information Delete now From Your Phone | Google has banned these 3 apps that make people pauper, delete the list immediately

New Delhi. Google recently banned 150 apps as dangerous. Now Google has banned three more apps, which have several million followers. The company had revealed that removing these apps would benefit users who may have been duped into using them. If your smartphone also has these apps, then delete it immediately, because they can make … Read more

Tech News: Alert! Google Play Store 14 apps leaked users data Check Names And Delete From Your Smartphone | Android users beware! These 14 apps are stealing your phone’s data, see the complete list and delete it immediately

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Order To Immediately Hire The Fired Contract Employees In The Health Department In Haryana

{“_id”:”6167530f4ceefd66fb4a5118″,”slug”:”order-to-immediately-hire-the-fired-contract-employees-in-the-health-department-in-haryana”,”type”:”story” , “status”:”publish”,”title_hn”:”Haryana: Department strict if Health Minister Vij’s order is not implemented, civil surgeons will not take contract workers on duty”, “category”:{“title”: “City & states”,”title_hn”:”City & States”,”slug”:”city-and-states”}} News Desk, Amar Ujala, Chandigarh Published by: Bhupendra Singh Updated Thu, 14 Oct 2021 03:13 AM IST Summary The Director General said that the retrenched workers should … Read more

Check phone immediately, whether there are these 8 apps in your phone, delete it immediately

Google has banned 8 apps on the Playstore. These apps are about cryptocurrency mining, which used to harm the users. If these apps are present in your phone, then remove them. Google has banned 8 dangerous apps on the Playstore. These apps were being used by hackers for their personal gains. For this, he was … Read more