Israel India | Israel Will Recognize India’s Covid-19 Vaccination Certificates | Israel will recognize India’s Kovid certificate, ready to do free trade agreement in 2022

New Delhi12 minutes ago copy link Doubts were being raised about the continuation of its friendship with India after the change of power in Israel. But on Monday it became clear that their friendship was intact. On the one hand, Israel has agreed to recognize India’s certificate of Kovid-19 vaccine, while on the other hand … Read more

Covid Rules Violation | Violation of Kovid rules and demand for action against traders who promote crime

Welfare. While Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation Administration is running a cleanliness campaign, on the other hand the third wave of Corona Pandemic by violating the rules of Kovid and criminal Giving a feast to the events (Criminal Incidents). Thelagadi, Dhaba and Paan shops are being run openly from 12 to 1 pm from Aadharwadi Jail … Read more

Allegation: Fake Kovid Report Prepared For Job In Deceased Dependent

Prepared fake Kovid report. hear the news hear the news Fake covid certificate of the deceased applied for recruitment to the post of village head assistant Bareilly. After the order of priority in giving jobs to the dependents of the deceased government servant from Corona, the game has now started. There has been a serious … Read more

US: Finance Minister held meeting in IMF and World Bank, said – it is too early to draw conclusions on the lessons learned from the Kovid crisis. Finance minister nirmala sitharaman meeting world bank imf too early conclude covid crisis lessons

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman Nirmala Sitharaman Meeting in IMF-World Bank: Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that it is too early to draw conclusions on the lessons learned by India from the Kovid-19 crisis. Along with this, he said that after the epidemic, the world will not be like before (Covid Pandemic). Sitharaman said that … Read more

Sports Complexes Buzzed As Soon As The Impact Of Kovid Subsided

hear the news hear the news Chandigarh. Sports activities have intensified in the city as soon as the effect of Corona subsides. Sports complexes and sports centers are buzzing with players. Sports complexes of UT Sports Department are built in various sectors in the city. The large indoor sports complex has the infrastructure to play … Read more

10 Lakhe Rupees Fraud For Injection – 10 Lakhs cheated in the name of Amphotericin Injection in Kovid, the friend whose deal to save his life also died

hear the news hear the news Lucknow. To save the life of a friend who got sick from Kovid infection, the young man got caught in the trap of fraudsters. It is alleged that the fraudsters cheated Rs 10 lakh from Ratnakar Shukla of Gomtinagar for giving 75 vials of amphotericin injection. The victim complained … Read more

Coronavirus India LIVE Updates In Hindi: Coronavirus India Report Covid-19 Updates Cases Of 14 October 2021 Thursday – Coronavirus India Updates: Nine crore people in Maharashtra have received Kovid vaccine

symbolic photo. Coronavirus India Updates: More than 190 countries around the world including India are affected by Coronavirus infection. So far, more than 23 crore 86 lakh people have been affected by COVID-19 in the world. This virus has snatched the lives of more than 48 lakh people. The cases of COVID-19 are now decreasing … Read more

Covid 19 in Bilaspur Kovid Hospital became Sanjeevani during the Corona period 1149 out of 1300 became safe

Publish Date: | Tue, 12 Oct 2021 06:40 AM (IST) Bilaspur. Covid 19 in Bilaspur: In the second wave of corona where corona patients were continuously dying in hospitals. At the same time, in the midst of all this, an important role was played in saving the patients in the Divisional Kovid Hospital. Within a … Read more

If the Kovid case has come in the T20 World Cup, what will happen to the tournament? ICC told its planning. ICC committee will deal with covid case in t20 world cup

ICC T20 World Cup is starting from this month. The T20 World Cup is starting from the 17th of this month in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Oman. Although this World Cup was to be played in India, but due to Kovid, it was decided to take it outside India because the situation of … Read more