Students Showed Talent In Maths And Science

{“_id”:”617c36d910977545c148b020″,”slug”:”students-showed-talent-in-maths-and-science-lakhimpur-news-bly464563122″,”type”:”story”,”status”:”publish” , “title_hn”:”Students show talent in Mathematics and Science”, “category”:{“title”:”City & states”,”title_hn”:”City & State”,”slug”:”city-and- states”}} Award winners at Saraswati Vidya Mandir of Gola – Photo : LAKHIMPUR hear the news hear the news Gola Gokarnath. Students showed talent in science and mathematics in the cluster level science and maths fair of Saraswati Vidya Mandir Inter … Read more

this maths question divides people on social media know this trick viral news | People clashed on the Internet on this question of mathematics, what did the teacher of maths ask?

New Delhi: A Twitter user asked such a question of Maths on social media, for which people clashed on the Internet to solve. People started telling their method of solving the question as the best and easiest. Users are putting their brains to solve the question It is worth noting that a user named Blonde … Read more

Maths And Science Will Be Compulsary Subjects In Madarsa. – Decision taken in the meeting: Mathematics and science will now be compulsory subjects in madrasas

News Desk, Amar Ujala, Lucknow Published by: ishwar ashish Updated Wed, 13 Oct 2021 11:40 AM IST Summary In the meeting of the Madrasa Board, it has been decided that now history and civics will also be included in the compulsory subjects. It was also agreed to conduct the final year examinations of Kamil and … Read more

UP Madarsa Syllabus: Now seven subjects including maths and science will be compulsory in madrasas, IT cell will also be formed. Madrasas will also have 7 subjects mathematics, science will be compulsory IT cell will be made for online

Now maths, science will be taught in madrasas too The Yogi Adityanath government of Uttar Pradesh (CM Yogi Aditya Nath) has taken an important decision to modernize the education of madrassas. Under this decision, now the Uttar Pradesh Madrasa Education Council (UP Madarsa SyllabusThe study of History, Civics, Mathematics and Science has also been made … Read more