rajat sharma: Infosys Tata Motors Itc: One can invest in stocks of companies with strong fundamentals

New Delhi Stock Market News: There is a continuous bullish atmosphere in the stock market for the last few days. Meanwhile, many people are worried about the weakness of the stock market, rising valuations and sharp rise in market valuations of companies in contrast to the country’s economic condition. Sana Securities CEO Rajat Sharma has … Read more

You branded Atal Bihari Vajpayee exactly like soap, toothpaste; Pramod Mahajan’s answer to this question of Rajat Sharma was like this

Pramod Mahajan was asked by senior journalist Rajat Sharma in the TV show ‘Aapki Adalat’, ‘You marketed Atal Bihari Vajpayee by making a brand like oil, soap and toothpaste are sold. You sold Vajpayee in the same way. After the Lok Sabha elections in 2004, the UPA coalition formed the government and Manmohan Singh became … Read more