On going to school, he stopped bathing in the river, students of 12th science were in the same school | 12th Science students had descended to take a bath in the river while going to school, got stuck in deep water

Dungarpur4 hours ago copy link On Thursday, 3 friends died due to drowning in Moran river in the Obari police station area of ​​Dungarpur. With his death, 12 years of friendship also came to an end. All three were 12th science students in the same school. On hearing the news of the death, the family … Read more

engine of boat broke in hoshangabad Narmada river 5 people trapped social media help mpsn | Five lives were about to drown in Narmada, new life was received from social media

Pitambar Joshi/Hoshangabad: It is said that if you have the passion to do something, then every path becomes easy. There should be power in your intentions, then your weakness also becomes your strength. One such case came to the fore on Wednesday afternoon when a video that surfaced on social media surprised everyone. Some people … Read more