Mini Scientist Chose Experiments, Creativity Reflected In Science Fest

Virtual Science Fest at ITM Global School Gwalior.Student Akashdeep Gill experimented with a candle, a plate, a glass and water to show how atmospheric pressure works. He lit the candle and covered it with glass. As soon as the flame is extinguished, the water from the plate automatically goes into the glass due to pressure … Read more

Indian scientist made pearls from sea oyster cells through ‘cell culture’

(Rajesh Abhay) New Delhi, Oct 17 (PTI) Independent Indian scientist Dr. Ajay Kumar Sonkar has stunned the world with his new research in pearl production. Scientists from Andaman and Nicobar have opened new doors of possibilities in the research of ’tissue culture’ by successfully developing the technique of producing pearls in glass flask through ‘cell … Read more

Arrah’s Arnav bagged 9th rank in JEE Advanced, wants to become a scientist | Wants to become a scientist, won gold medal in Science Olympiad in 2019

Bhojpur9 hours ago Arnav Aditya Singh with shield and medal won in various competitions. Arnav Aditya Singh of Arrah has secured 9th rank in the entire country in JEE Advanced. He is a resident of Ishwarpura village of Shahpur police station area of ​​Bhojpur district. On Friday, IIT Kharagpur declared the result of JEE Advanced … Read more

Scientist Creates Robot Dog Weapon Attached High-Tech Sniper Rifle To Robot Dog : ‘Robot Dog’ equipped with sniper will become the era of enemies, people said – there is no need for it!

WashingtonLast year, a video of a robot dog became increasingly viral on social media. Many people liked it and expressed their desire to know about it. People were surprised to see Boston Dynamics’ robot dog SPOT roaming public places. Now an update came about it, according to which soon this robot can be seen armed … Read more

Indore Crime News Laptop stolen from car of female scientist of soybean research

Publish Date: | Tue, 12 Oct 2021 06:20 PM (IST) Indore, Naidunia Representative, Indore Crime News. From outside the Brilliant Convention Center, the miscreants took away the laptop of a female scientist kept in the government vehicle. The women scientists had gone to participate in the conference held at the Brilliant Convention, their laptop and … Read more

IISER scientist did research, COVID-19, diabetes and aging are linked

Scientists from the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Bhopal have recently found a bio-link between COVID-19, aging and diabetes or diabetes. A review has been released on the biomolecular relationship. The released review suggests that diabetes, aging and COVID-19 have common pathways at the molecular level. Diabetes, aging, and COVID-19 are all associated … Read more