Kapil sharma to ranveer singh and ghum hai kisikey pyaar meiin fame yogendra vikram singh these tv stars made headlines Yogendra Vikram Singh told how he laid the foundation of his acting career, while Ranveer Singh was seen dancing to the superhit song of Biwi

Big news from TV world&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credits:&nbspTimes of India Headlines Yogendra Vikram Singh of Gum Hai Kisi ki Pyaar Mein fame wanted to go to NDA. Kapil Sharma told how his backbone had become the chain of life. Ranveer Singh was seen dancing to the superhit song of wife Deepika Singh. TV Newsmakers Of … Read more

Vidyut Jammwal: ‘Kalaripayattu has inspired Hollywood action stars’

New Delhi/Team Digital. Regarded as one of the world’s greatest action stars, Vidyut Jammwal has received a positive response from audiences, critics and industry alike for streaming his latest hostess drama Sunak – Hope Under Siege on Disney+ Hotstar Multiplex. has been Considered to be India’s biggest action film in the OTT space, ‘Sanak’ features … Read more

These Bollywood stars trust these miraculous gems! , Know which Gemstone Bollywood stars wear

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These Bollywood stars are roaming with diseases bigger than cancer, from Amitabh Bachchan to Shahrukh Khan – everyone’s body fails more than 75%

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Bitcoin takes on gold for Diwali: Bitcoin takes on gold for Diwali, helped by top Bollywood stars

On the occasion of Diwali 2021, the purchase of gold on a large scale in India is well known. But this time bitcoin is going to compete with gold. It is expected that bitcoin will also be one of the popular options to invest on Diwali. According to a Bloomberg report, this is because before … Read more

Net Worth: These are the richest stars of Bollywood, not a single actress in the top 5, see the full list. Shah rukh khan to amitabh bachchan these top 5 bollywood actors are highest net worth holders

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KRK targeted the factionalism of Bollywood stars on Aryan Khan case, praised Kangana for this. KRK slams Bollywood stars for silence on Aryan Khan case praises Kangana for this

kamaal-kangana Aryan Khan Case: Actor Kamal R Khan is very active on social media. KRK keeps on targeting some star or the other through social media. These days KRK is seen taking the side of Aryan Khan, while his anger has erupted due to the silence of Bollywood stars on this matter. Kamal R Khan … Read more

Kamaal R Khan Praises Kangana Ranaut | KRK Question On Bollywood’s Silence On Aryan Khan’s Arrest | Kamaal R Khan furious at Bollywood stars for keeping silence on Shahrukh’s son Aryan, praises Kangana Ranaut

2 hours ago copy link After the arrest of Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan in the drugs case, till now many Bollywood celebrities have supported his family. Kamal R Khan is also one of them. However, some people are supporting Shahrukh’s family in this matter, while some are also giving statements against him. At the … Read more

The black night that ruined Shiney Ahuja’s career! Once upon a time, he used to give competition to big stars!

There used to be a line of films of big film directors, the film industry, seeing whose talent it was believed that in the coming time, this star would be seen competing with many stars… but this stardom felt eclipse and everything. Overnight he went on the path of ruin. Yeh Sitara Hai Shiney Ahuja, … Read more

Coaching Institute Meerut coaching institutes are misleading by showing stars on the internet avoid getting caught in the trap

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