The house of the Deputy Director of Culture Department was stolen Naya Raipur incident | Went for a walk with family, thieves entered the house and crossed the cash and mobile

Raipur7 hours ago copy link A broken lock was also found. The house of the Deputy Director of Culture Department of Chhattisgarh was robbed. A report has been lodged in this matter at Mandirhassaud police station. The incident took place in Nava Raipur area. Thieves targeted the abandoned house of Deputy Director JR Bhagat. The … Read more

Dehradun Crime News Thieves entered in house and theft money and jewelery at doiwala

In Doiwala, fearless thieves carried out a theft incident in a house in Chandmari Ward-17 on Sunday morning. Surprisingly, all the members were sleeping in the house when the theft was being done. Despite this, the thieves searched the house without fear. Dialogue associate, Doiwala. The spirits of thieves are high in the capital Dehradun. … Read more

Crime – Thieves blew cash-jewellery a day before son’s wedding

The house owner’s son shows the box lying open after the theft in Kachla. Dialogue – Photo : BADAUN hear the news hear the news Ujhani/Turtle. Thieves, active for the past several days in Kachla town, targeted a farmer’s house on Tuesday night. The thieves who entered inside by climbing the wall took away goods … Read more

vicious thieves have bikes, 19 mobiles and pistols and weapons recovered, 21 cases are registered against Monu alias Abdul Mannan while five on Raka | Stolen bikes, 19 mobiles and pistols were found, both have 26 cases registered

Hindi News Local Uttar pradesh Ayodhya Vicious Thieves Have Bikes, 19 Mobiles And Pistols And Weapons Recovered, 21 Cases Are Registered Against Monu Alias ​​Abdul Mannan While Five On Raka Ayodhya6 days ago copy link Patranga police station of Ayodhya district arrested two including the wanted criminal Monu alias Abdul Mannan of 15 thousand. In … Read more

Police arrested two bike thieves, recovered six bikes

Ayodhya. On Tuesday, the police arrested two miscreants and recovered six stolen bikes from them. The accused used to steal and sell the vehicles from the district hospital and other crowded places. Police believe that with the arrest of the accused, many other theft incidents can also be revealed. Advertisement The police had become alert … Read more

Bilaspur Crime News Thieves took laptop and CCTV cameras by breaking the lock of the shop

Publish Date: | Tue, 12 Oct 2021 12:56 PM (IST) Bilaspur. Bilaspur Crime News: The thieves crossed the motor parts and laptop by breaking the lock of the auto parts and oil shop located in the industrial area of ​​Sirgitti. At the same time, the thieves also took away the CCTV cameras from the shop. … Read more

Crime,hamirpur News,hamirpur – Thieves crossed lakhs of cash and gold and silver jewelery

hear the news hear the news In Rewan village of Maudaha Kotwali area, thieves entered a house on Saturday night and crossed 1.25 lakh cash including gold and silver jewelery worth lakhs of rupees. The victim has given Tahrir in Kotwali. Dev Tripathi, a resident of Rewan, told in the Tahrir that on Saturday night … Read more